"As gardeners of participatory art I believe we need to work with heightened awareness of the places, people, contexts and environments that we find ourselves in. We need to understand how we are all interconnected to each other and we all form part of an ecology where we are all inter-dependent and as equally responsible for what happens in that garden. " - Anonymous

a paper with pencil sketches of a plan for garden beds

Gabriela Saenger Silva

You need people to dream together, and you need people to plan together and you need people to harvest with you.

Gabriela Saenger Silva

Experience from the Kitchen Garden 2020-2023

greenhouses and garden beds in the summer time

Gabriela Saenger Silva

a green bucket with green beans in it

Gabriela Saenger Silva

"The term companion planting is all about nature needing nurture. Like people, not all plants are happy living beside each other. Carefully places, however, one plant can help another by putting suitable nutrients in the soil. This is how I see my role in the arts - as an established tree, I can provide shade, protection from the wind and shelter for others. I can help them to attract the beneficial insects (or, industry contacts). I am here to support early career individuals, helping them to grow and to flourish on their own terms." - Rachel Moss


background image of blurry woods

trellis- infrastructure- stable access for inclusion to prevent plants from withering, to support threshold and entry.

sunflowers-regenerative- seeds fall and feed others. They replant themselves.

collective imagination- vision of where to plant things, where will the sun hit? Permission to replant/restructure in response to the weather.

Adaptability. Holistic overview-time to think-creating blueprints for the garden.